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Short Video Competition Prize List

We are happy and honoured to announce that numerous enthusiastic contestants have participated in the Short Video competition held by our Peripheral Pharmacovigilance Centre Erode (006), for the National Pharmacovigilance Week (17th - 23rd) September 2023. A panel of experts have gone through the videos and finalized the results depending upon the content, management of resources, time management and efforts taken..For us all the participants have done a great job and deserve to be winners..Here is the final list of winners selected by our panelists and they will be honoured in the upcoming event.

First Place - A.Sweatha & Team (Excel Siddha College)

First Place - G.Arun Prasath & Team (Velumaiyulu Siddha College)

Second Place - Kehren R Rayma (Velumaiyulu Siddha College)

Second Place - Mennsruthhi Sivakarthikeyan & Team (Excel Siddha College)

Third Place - J.Abinash & Team (Excel Siddha College)

Third Place - S.Nila Fathima & Team (Excel Siddha College)

Consolation Prizes :

Dr.D.Sivasankari & Team (GSMC Chennai)

Dr.R.S.Parvathy (Private Practitioner)

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